Ze'ev (Vladimir) Belkin
Full-stack developer and Android developer, software architect.
Skype: zeev.nelkin
Phones: +972-546465787, +972-2-5857873
Location: Jerusalem, Israel. Open for remote work.


Born: 1967, Moscow, Russia.

Languages: Russian - mother language; English , Hebrew, Spanish.

Publication: ( #4-1995 of PC-Magazine/Russian edition) "C++ exception handling: what, when,where" -- http://zeevbelkin.com/emulex.htm.
At least one company used this technology to develop applications for WinCE environment.


2017-06 - present Audioburst. Audioburst has acquired Robin, and I continue working on Robin there.

2013-05-01 - 2017-06 Magnifis (Robin Labs http://robinlabs.com/ ). I started my work for Robin Labs at February 2012 as an outsourcing developer from the Kenlo Group Ltd. Since May 2013 I had continued to work for Robin Labs as its direct employee. I am the leading developer of the Android part of the Robin -- the personal voice assistant (see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magnifis.parking) . To date (August 2016), the product has attracted 2 million users worldwide. I had been working on this project since its beginning, had developed most of the client side architecture and had written most of the client side code.
(Since November 2013 I worked for the company part-time)

2014-07-23 - 2015-08-03 ExPay Global. Software Developer. Development and support of system for distributing and selling of co-branded MasterCard® debit cards (the system already existed when I joined the team). Worked on the web services, GUI parts and on the back-end. Used C#, MS SQL server, JS, Java, PHP, VoiceXML.

2010-04-01 - 2013-04-30 Worked in Kenlo Group Ltd (an outsourcing company) as a developer of applications for Android platform. Since 2012 February (foundation of the project) worked as a leading developer of client side of Magnifis Robin personal voice assistant. See: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magnifis.parking. Before that project worked as a leading developer of client side of a content store for a phone company. Also worked on other projects there.

2008-03-01 - 2008-10-12 Worked in company Mega Learning (a startup of JVP) as a developer of the client side team on an Internet Explorer extension. Most of the extension was written in javascript, the other part was implemented as a BHO in C++. I developed about 60% of the javascript part, and some parts of the BHO.

2007-06-01 - 2008-02-30 Worked in outsourcing company OSP (http://osp.co.il/) on a project for a startup company MyOgger. This project has a large client part written in javascript with dojo (there are more then 20 widgets written especially for this application and lots of other javascript code). The server part, written in Java, provides some English text analysis required for the client part. I've written all the client part of the project and most of the server part. Also, I've developed a Firefox add-on for internal use in MyOgger for debugging. The site is down now, but you can see it in action at this: video.

Before the last permanent positions I worked as a freelancer.

Also, at the last time, in periods when I was unemployed, I developed the next freeware:

01/2005-09/2005: Worked, as a freelancer, for US firm Cogitations, Inc (founder of Ifbyphone) where I developed a game server (provides several single user games and a realtime multiuser game) written in Java, that uses hibernate3 and communicates with other parts of the project via XMLRPC. The server is used in http://ifbyphone.com voice portal (used technologies: Java,VoceXML,XMLRPC,Linux environment,MySQL,PHP).

03/2004-12/2004: Programmer in Tekoa Computers (and, in the same time, I worked as a freelancer for other firms too). For Tekoa Computers I made Adaptation of their DOS-games to Windows 2000/XP environment. Mostly, this work was customizing of existing freeware WinNT VDD drivers and witting additional utilities and VDD-drivers (C/C++/Asm).

For Gigaspaces (http://www.gigaspaces.com) I had written a site engine for their site. This engine provides user account management, wraps tomcat container based security to provide cookie login and explicit login abilities, provides XML-configurable download areas, various statistics, etc. There is also a custom template system based on html-parser and SSI-servlet. Technologies: Java+jsp/servlets+jdbc;MySQL. I provided technical support and additional development for this site till year 2007.


Freelance projects:

Some permanent positions :