Zeev Belkin - Software Development and Consulting
     Here is my resume, and, below, list of my freeware and articles:

    - ע\ع (Ayn\Ayn) Lookup -- a Firefox/Seamonkey add-on for transliteration of Arabic/Syriac text to Hebrew writing system and a powerful interface to on-line dictionaries/translation services/search engines. There is also an online translitaration engine working with any browser.

    - Globaldocs Viewer -- an utility that allows to browse simultaneously multiple Javadoc sets using a single packages/classes hierarchy tree and a searchable index. It supports local and remote docsets, including the local docsets, packed as JAR/ZIP-file.

    - Yet another access filter -- a configurable security filter and login manager for j2ee web applications. This filter provides all features those standard j2ee servlet container security does (role based restrictions, login on demand with resuming of the action execution after the user authentication, etc), but allows to implement much more flexible and powerful user interaction schemes required to implement openid login, cookie login, explicit login (including Ajax explicit login), etc.

   - A garbage collecting technique for C++.

   - An implementation of the exception handling system for archaic C++ compilers (such as MSVC 1.x). This implementation supports stack unwinding. This article, written in year 1995, may be interesting even now, when all C++ compilers support native exception handling, for better understanding how C++ exception handling works. You can  download the sources with  the sample.

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